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Divine Guidance

Learn how to communicate with Spirit, perceive divine guidance from nature and, receive ritual healing. These magical, educational and transformational sessions will awaken your clair-abilities, inner-authority and ancestral gifts.

Be a part of the LUNAR DESTINIES CLUB and receive PERSONALIZED LUNAR READINGS, RITUAL GUIDANCE and 2 1 hr  Sessions each Lunation Cycle.

A comprehensive reading to discover your divine purpose, ancestral gifts and true magickal potential. We look at every aspect of your bring to reveal who you were destined to be.

Journey together to meet your true Self, Spirit Guides & Chakra Totem Animals. Discover how they can assist you in the healing process, navigate the human experience and, become a resource for decision making. 

your moon sign represents the instinctual, emotional aspects of your personality that exist below the surface and represents the real you. many astrologers now believe that your Moon Sign is even more important that your sun sign. By understanding your moon sign you will learn truths about your cosmic identity and how other perceive you.

Receive divine guidance from Spirit for an inquiry in your life and, discover the spirit medicine, tools and rituals that can help you.

Healing Spirit Work

An energetic harmonizing, balancing and healing of your energy body. Clear out stuck energies, open up your chakras and heal embedding traumas from your energy field through guided meditation, healing sound frequency and elemental medicine work.

Releasing multi-generational trauma through healing rituals.

Clear any plaguing negative energies or curses that might be blocking you from becoming the best and truest version of yourself.

Clear any plaguing negative energies or curses that might be looming around your home, workspace or land.

Unravel and dissolve any curses or oaths that might be blocking or limiting you from becoming the best and truest version of yourself.

These powerful sessions guide you through the process of reclaiming the pieces of you that may have been left behind in a particular place, time, person or situation. You will learn how to regain your power, strength, courage, confidence, sovereignty and magical abilities. We will also work with building and strengthening your energetic structures and boundaries in order for you to become a fully sovereign being.

Healing Design

Business design service with basic web design, branding, wording as well as structuring your business in the alignment with the 7 orders of Helping.

Clear out negative & stuck energies in your home, learn to communicate with your house, bring new life force & protective energies and, redesign your home according to you and your home's desires. From reinventing your space with all of your current items to a complete home makeover and everything in between.

Custom order a ceremonial piece. Tell us your intention and purpose for the piece you are requesting and we will follow divine guidance in creating your magical piece. This service may require a few weeks for gathering supplies, designing, crafting and creating your ceremonial item and, also includes a video introduction about your custom ceremonial heirloom.  

Custom order medicine bundles for any ceremony or ritual, space clearing, blessings, gifts & offerings, protection, etc. Tell us your intention and we will follow divine guidance in gathering the magical ingredients needed for your medicine bundle. This service may require up to 1 week for gathering supplies and includes a video introduction about your medicine bundle.

journey to reconnect with yourself, your inner beauty, your confidence and, rediscover your outer beauty through the art of organic hair design, skin care, relaxation rituals, meditation and, conscious renewal.

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