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Healing Services

“We do not always allow ourselves to work through pain. More often than not, we think pain is a signal that we must stop, rather than find its source. Our souls do not like stagnation. Our souls aspire toward growth, that is, toward remembering all that we have forgotten due to our trip to this place, the earth. In this context, a body in pain is a soul in longing.”

― Malidoma Patrice Somé, Ritual: Power, Healing and Community

Learn how to communicate with Spirit, perceive divine guidance from nature and, receive ritual healing. These magical, educational and transformational sessions will awaken your clair-abilities, inner-authority and ancestral gifts.

Releasing multi-generational trauma through healing rituals.

Business design service with basic web design, branding, wording as well as structuring your business in the alignment with the 7 orders of Helping.

"imagine a spider's web, intricate as lace and so invisibly fine that, as they say in the old stories, it would pass seven times through the eye of a needle. see the skeins stretching between twigs, leaves and through the empty spaces in between. the tiniest movement of one of the skein--caused by a breeze, an insect alighting, a leaf falling--sets the web quivering and sends vibrations rippling through the furthest thread. so it is with magic. an act of magic reverberates through the invisible web of fate that connects all things, and affects the fortunes of humankind." --diana ferguson

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

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