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"Healing comes when the individual remembers his or her identity--the purpose chosen in the world of ancestral wisdom--and reconnects with that world of Spirit." -- Malidoma Patrice Some

Heal yourself and your family by healing ancestral traumas, removing family curses and creating new generational patterns for a healthy, vibrant and thriving family system through profoundly transformational healing rituals. 

Our first ANCESTRAL RITUAL HEALING session consists of two meetings: an interview session (1-2hrs) and then followed by an ancestral ritual healing session (2+hrs).

$389 (Credit)

$360 (Cash)

**If you are looking for the most profound healing experiences and wish to work through your entire ancestral blueprint and heal all of your ancestral dynamics I suggest applying for the ANCESTRAL RITES OF INITIATION.


A soulful and profoundly transformational 11 month healing journey guided by your ancestors. This is a potent path of initiation restoring and strengthening your place of power and connection with all the lost and forgotten ancestral wisdom, magic and medicine of your people-- claiming all of your divine birthrights, initiating you into your ancestral calling as a true healer for yourself and your entire family-- past, present and future. Along this journey we will deeply explore the landscape of your ancestral entanglements, your ancestral blueprint and purpose throughout all the crucial junctures of your life:

Coming into being: union of body & spirit

Healing the mother's lineage

Healing the father's lineage

Puberty, intimacy and patterns for success

Adulting and leaving the family of origin

Marriage & relationships

Children, career, purpose, health and wealth

Death & legacy

As we delve into each of these vital moments throughout your life we will be healing multi-generational traumas, curses and coping patterns through potent healing rituals, empowering you to begin living in your full capacity as a powerful healer and custodian of ancestral wisdom.

This transformational healing process consists of one meeting per month that last anywhere between 2-4 hours each session for 11 months.

THE ANCESTRAL RITES OF INITIATION program also includes a FREE Healing Circle Seat ($115+ value) at any and all public Healing Constellation Event during our 11 month program as well as 1 Healing Request Seat ($189 value).


$389/month (Credit)

$360/month (Cash)

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