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Did you know... your Sun sign is associated with your ego and outward expression to the world, your moon sign represents the instinctual, emotional aspects of your personality that exist below the surface and represents the real you. Because of this strong connection to your True Self, many astrologers believe that your Moon Sign is even more important that your sun sign. By understanding your moon sign you will learn truths about yourself and how others perceive you. You will also discover how to use your Moon Sign’s unique qualities to conquer specific challenges you may be facing and tap into your lunar potential to align with your life’s purpose.


Your Moon Phase is another extremely important aspect of your cosmic identity. Humans have had a mystical and profound connection to the moon since ancient times. Our much loved nightly companion, the Moon exerts powerful, otherworldly influence over our minds and physical influence over our bodies. Just as her gravity governs the movement of our tides, we too are affected by her pull. Our energy and emotions, receding and renewing as she moves through her lunar phases. Each phase of the moon is associated with different qualities and state of change. Because of this the phase of the moon on the day you were born has a lasting impact on your personality and potential for transformation. It reveals the innate gifts and talents hidden within you and which lunar phase governs the overall direction of your life. Discover what your Moon Sign and Moon Phase have in store for you with a Cosmic Moon Reading.


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