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Spirit Clearing Services

The world we live in, planet Earth, is a realm that supports the life of both spirit and physical matter. In fact, just like energetic particles are both energy and matter, every physical form on Earth has a spiritual and energetic counterpart including humans, animals, plants, minerals, bodies of water, landscapes, regions, buildings, everyday items, vehicles and more. We can easily perceive the tangible physical dimension that exists within the 1% visible range of the available light spectrum with our 5 physical senses but there is also an 'unseen' world of palpable energy, frequency, vibration and Spirit that we can also connect with. 

Within this 'unseen' dimension of reality that exists in our world there are an infinite amount of Beings that live among us without a physical form. Similar to a vibrant lush forest, our physical world is filled with life both seen and unseen and it is natural for beings to share space just like we do on planet Earth. However, when beings get too crowded in one place or dislocated in the wrong place we can loose our ability to access our full capacity and thrive because beings can get stuck in our own life force. 

Spirits can be displaced where they find themselves in the wrong place at wrong time and often get bound in our own energetic body. Many of these energetic entanglements can drain our life force, influence our thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors, perceptions and energy levels. Spirits can also be manipulated into serving a curse that is harmful to a family over generations. Spirits can also be trapped in homes, objects and on land and what we experience as a negative impact, is most often a displaced spirit being who is lost, frightened, bound, and cannot figure out to how to go back home - so it ends up attached to us.

Spirit Clearings Services:

Compassionate Depossesion Spirit Clearing  

Space & Land Clearings

Curse, Spell and Oath Unraveling


All Spirit Clearings are a process of a minimum of 3 meetings.

30 minute consultation

up to 2 hour Spirit Clearing

30 minute Follow up consultation

In severe cases an ongoing series of meetings is required.

All Spirit Clearings begin with a 30 minute consultation during which you are asked a few diagnostic questions, allowing us to fine-tune what is needed, whether we are a good fit and, whether this is a good time to proceed with a spirit clearing. This session is our first meeting followed by scheduling the actual Spirit Clearing Session(s) within 7 days of our initial meeting. Please make sure there is more than enough time to thoroughly examine and complete this service. A follow up consultation about 10-14 days later assures completion. Follow ups are determined in the initial consultation as they depend on the complexity of the situation.


Spirit Clearing  $225

Energetic Home & Land Clearing  $225 

Ceremonial Home & Land Clearing  $350 (credit) $340 (cash)

Curse, Spell and Oath Unraveling $225

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