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A creative visionary mentorship for developing a successful, thriving and prosperous business from inception to reinventing an already existing business and every process in-between.

Born from a lineage of resourceful, pioneering and successful entrepreneurs and, after building multiple flourishing and profitable businesses of my own and, helping others achieve their dream of creating a prosperous business, I have developed a visionary instinct, talent and creative tool box for building a solid business and beautiful brand with vibrant financial success.


Visionary BUSINESS DESIGN Scope:

Becoming your magnificent Entrepreneur Self

Claiming your birthright to thrive

Stretching into your fullest potential

The Art of Business

The Universal Laws Nature for a Prosperous Business

The Beauty of Balance

Creating a Captivating Brand

Financial Forecasting for Financial Freedom

Persevering through the Growing Pains

Magnetic Marketing & Magical Merchandising

Navigating the Commercial Landscape

Getting it done. And, everything in between!

The first 3 years and beyond...


Initial BUSINESS DESIGN Consultation 

$400 (credit)

$380 (cash)

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