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Honoring the world of nature and spirit and surrendering to the process of endless death and rebirth is the source of all healing.

Green Gardens Healing


Discover Your Divine Destiny  |  Awakening Ancestral Purpose  | Guidance From Spirit

Welcome Dear Soul to GREEN GARDENS HEALING! 

From Ceremonial Rituals to Spirit Walks to Guided Spiritual Vacation Journeys, we guide you on how to stand in your divine power, access your inner authority and sovereignty, open your heart and stand in your divinity, heal your past emotional traumas, reconnect with Spirit, live more grounded & one with nature and, uncover your divine purpose.  We offer a variety of services such as: Spirit Walks, healing ceremonies and rituals, land and space spirit clearing, healing design for self, home and, business, awakening your ancestral purpose, healing generational traumas, shamanic journeying, compassionate depossession, educational workshops and a variety of mediumship readings and divination.  I offer my services online, in-person locally or I can travel and bring a workshop or retreat to you as well as offer a destination retreat or a Guided Spiritual Vacation Journey.


At Green Gardens Healing, we see the world differently than mainstream culture and live in a realm of unlimited possibilities and magic. It is our passion to share the ancient wisdom traditions from all over the world, powerful transformational healings and, spiritual guidance for those who are ready to break FREE from their limitations and begin living in their divine power, in harmony and communication, with nature, spirit and, their soul purpose.

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