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Spirit Walk with Animals & Animal Medicine

Welcome to the SPIRIT WALK with ANIMALS and ANIMAL MEDICINE CLUB! This is a 9 Month exploration into the secret animal super powers, magical animal lore, animal medicine, how nature speaks to us, and what wisdom animals can teach us about our healing journeys. This open-enrollment Exploration consisting of 3 Wednesday Classes a month from Wednesday, September 15th through June 16th, 2022(Kids are free with Parent Enrollment! This program also includes: Full Access To Mother Nature's Magical Wisdom Library--an interactive online educational resource filled with in-depth educational videos, articles, and offerings about the magic of our natural world, how to work with it in your life and, how nature communicates with us.  This will transform how you perceive the Animal Kingdom as well as how you walk in the Natural World.


What we will explore and discover together: 

Sept-Dec: The Mammal Kingdom

       -Mammal Totems: Elephant, Monkey, Big cats (Jaguar, Lion, Tiger), Deer, Opossum & your animals of choice! 

       -Communicating with the Magic of Mother Nature

       -The Power of Reading Landscapes

Jan-April: The Bird Kingdom 

       -Bird Totems: Blue Jay, Vulture, Cardinal, Eagle, Hawk, Chicken, Owl, Geese & your birds of choice!

       -The Mysteries of Feathers and Flight

       - Feather Magic

       -Working with Bird Medicine

       -The Magic of Air and Ether

May: Reptiles & Amphibians

       -Reptile & Amphibian Totems: Turtle, Salamander, Frog, Snake,  Lizard, Alligator, and your animals of choice!

       -Reptile Wisdom & Magic

       -The Initiation of Fire

June: Creatures of the Sea

       -Sea Life Totems: Dolphin & Whale, Coral, Crab, Shark, Octopus & Your aquatic animal of choice!

       -The Magic & Mysteries of Water

**Exploration materials are subject to shifting and evolving according the group's curiosities, experiences and from the guidance of our beloved animal spirits.


Open yourself up the seeing the magic of our natural world. There are a lot of secret super powers, magic and medicine in the animal kingdom and the divine powers of Mother Nature are trying to share it with us if we only learn to hear their voice, see their magic, and listen to their call. After this program, you will never see the world or walk through nature the same again. These magical powers and medicine is always available to us when we learn to access this abilities and nurture your relationship with the Animal Realm. This is where you’ll discover the magic of this world! All you have to do is say “YES!”

Next Group Beginning September 15th, 2022!

I am interested in Joining the Next Group!

Virtual Exploration

-9 Truly Magical Months of Interactive Online Explorations 

(3 Wednesdays per Month September 15th -June 16th 20,22)

-Mother Nature's Magical Wisdom Library 

(An Interactive Online Resource that includes Class Recordings and and filled with in-depth educational videos, articles, and offerings about the magic of our natural world)

-FREE give-Aways each month!


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