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Creating Ritual, Ceremony and 

the Medicine Wheel

Creating Ritual, Ceremony and the Medicine Wheel Retreat 2022

with Bryan Campbell & Rev. Paulette Robinson PHD

August 11-14th  |  The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center  |  Highlands, NC

Have you heard the call for a deeper connection with Spirit?

Do you want to connect more closely to your spiritual self?

Are you interested in strengthening your communication with spirit and creating a more sacred life?

Are you looking for more tools to discover your divine capacities and potency?

As Humans we have an essential part of ourselves that is spiritual. A connection to all that is. It is an expansion into creation. In our longing for this connection, we seek it in ourselves, in nature, and in community.


Learn the art, wisdom and magic of healing and transformation through Ritual, Ceremony and the Medicine Wheel. Designed and consciously created for beautiful souls seeking a deeper connection with the Divine, expansive growth and transformational healing experiences as well as, healing professionals seeking to enrich, enhance and expand your practice. All are welcome to discover and explore the ancient technology and power of Ritual, Ceremony and the Medicine Wheel. 


During this expansive experiential retreat we will explore the ancient power, wisdom and technology of a variety of Rituals, Ceremonies and Medicine Wheel Techniques such as...

Creating and Connecting with Sacred Space

The Medicine Wheel

The Spirit Walk

Ritual Framework

Creating Ritual and Performing Ritual

Creating and Using Sacred Tools

Moon Ritual in Ceremony and Transformation

Connecting to Dreams


$555 tuition

Early Bird Tuition before July 15th - $500

The Fine Print

*The workshop is not tied to any particular religious tradition but will serve you as part of any community you currently belong. It provides you with a framework to create rituals and ceremonies that connect you to and deepen your relationship with your spiritual self.

**Contact The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center to make arrangements for your lodging which includes all meals (828) 526-5838) 

***Due to the Popularity of this retreat and the limited space available. there are no refunds including cancellations after June 1st, 2022.

learn more about...

 Creating Ritual, Ceremony, and the Medicine Wheel Retreat

What will you experience?

The Key Learning

Why this Retreat?

Who is this retreat for?

How to open awareness

The power of ritual

Meet Paulette

Meet Bryan

The Nantahala

About the Teachers...

Bryan Campbell

Bryan is a highly skilled Shamanic Healer and Medicine Man. He is a life-long student of Mother Earth and spirituality. Studying the multidimensional realms of energy, spirit and consciousness as well as the transformational process of healing through ritual & ceremony, energy healing and, Constellations. Bryan offers Spirit Walks with the Divine, Divination Readings, Mediumship Readings, Compassionate Deposession, Space Clearing, Chakra Balancing Frequency Healing, Ancestral Purpose Readings and working with the deeply transformational powers of the Moon.

Rev Paulette Robinson, PhD

Dr Robinson is a Certified Sage-ing Leader. She is an experienced facilitator with over 30 years of experience. For over 20 years, she has been a shamanic practitioner facilitating healing using multiple energy modalities and practices. She has certifications in spiritual and elder coaching; family constellations and ancestral trauma; alchemical alignment (somatic trauma release), and past-life regressions. More information about Dr. Robinson and other workshop events can be found at 

"Healing comes when the individual remembers his or her identity--the purpose chosen in the world of ancestral wisdom--and reconnects with that world of Spirit." -- Malidoma Patrice Some

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