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Parker the Guardian

Parker came into my life in August of 2010 at the new-born age of 8 weeks old. He was a dream of mine for a few years ever since I had seen a West Highland Terrier for the first time.  I thought these dogs were just the most beautiful animal and I knew that one day i would have one.  That summer we became best buds, I would pack him up in my back pack and we would hit the streets of Philadelphia on my bike while he marveled at the great big world he was just born into.  We were inseparable and I took him everywhere I went. During the past 10+ years he's been in my life he has traveled all across the country from coast to coast: swimming at the Jersey Shore, traversing through all of Center City Philadelphia & Fairmount Park, hiking through Solomons Island, Maryland, visiting "The Big Apple," exploring Washington DC, Flying to Orlando, camping in the Poconos, vacationing at Fire island, NY, road tipping to car shows with dad, park hoping through Colorado & Garden of the Gods, exploring Land's End Park & San Fransisco, traveling through wine country and Guerneville, California, Admiring the artsy streets of New Orleans and, so much more.  Parker is certainly always up for an adventure and does not like to be left behind!  No matter where he is if you are someone he has never met before he will most certainly want to read your aura and make sure your Heart Chakra is open and flowing, if not, he has no shame in letting you know you have some personal work to take care of and to try again when you're in proper alignment with spirit.  After living the first 10 years of his life in the hustle and bustle of center city Philadelphia he is so happy to spend his golden years on Greenhouse Farm.

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