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What Does Your Moon Sign Say about you?

Your Sun sign is associated with your ego and outward expression to the world, your moon sign embodies the hidden and more instinctual, emotional aspects of your personality that exist below the surface and represents the real you. Because of this strong connection to your True Self, many astrologers now believe that your Moon Sign is even more important that your sun sign. By understanding your moon sign you will learn truths about yourself and how others perceive you. You will also discover how to use your Moon Sign’s unique qualities to conquer specific challenges you may be facing and tap into your lunar potential to align with your life’s purpose.


Taurus Moon

A Lunar Taurus is dependable, strong-willed, and loves to be in love. Your most basic emotional need is security and comfort. Anything which upsets your routine or which threatens what you hold dear is a source of anxiety for you, and sometimes you can struggle to enjoy spontaneity or freedom. Sympathetic and kind, you are a loyal friend and will always help those in need. There is a powerful connection between the Moon and Taurus. In classical astrology, the Moon is exalted in Taurus so her lunar energies of fertility, impassion, and care are particularly strong in those born under this sign. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and the placement of the moon in this sign indicates a desire to protect yourself and those you care about. You are an excellent provider for your friends, family or children. Because of this strong desire to provide, when tough economic time strike, you can suffer more that most with depression or worry. But this is usually Temporary because you never give up. You are organized responsible, and hardworking, and very rarely do you “take chances” with finances or entrepreneurial opportunities, preferring instead to have a stable, dependable job and paycheck. This steadiness is reassuring to those in your life, but it can be frustrating to more independent personalities. Remember sometimes changes is necessary for you to grow. In relationships you are reliable, predictable and very romantic. You have a strong, unwavering affection for those that you care about, and provide a comforting stability. As Taurus is a fixed sign, you tend to have long, enduring relationships, preferring to hold onto those you care about, even in the face of serious missteps. Taurus Moons feel betrayal incredibly deeply, perhaps more so than any other sign, but it is in their nature to forgive and try to find serenity once again. Given you tendency to prefer the predictable and well-established, you may not realize your partner’s desire for newness, adventure, personal growth, or emotional and spiritual stimulation. While you may prefer consistency, make sure you give those around you the freedom to change things up. When the Moon is in Taurus we often see possessiveness, jealousy, and insecurity. From envy of school friend in your youth, to an unreasonable level of suspicion in relationships and love, it is important that you work hard to avoid letting these strong emotions undermine your otherwise kind nature. Taurus Moons love all things luxurious and beautiful. The Earth Sign influence means you are connected to the physical world, finding comfort in what you can see, touch and taste; what stimulates the five senses. Your love of delicious food means that when you are stressed, you are most likely to over-indulge or comfort eat. Taurus Moons have the magical ability to attract whatever they need, in particular material wealth. However, this ability is only realized in those who share their resources with friends and family. Allow the energies of abundance to flow through you and embrace your role as the provider and protector, and you will always find prosperity.


Libra Moon

As a Lunar Libra, you are balanced, conciliatory, and intelligent. Your instinctive emotional response is to seek order and tranquility, and you can be diplomatic to a fault. In fact, it can be quite hard to pin you down to a solid opinion of your own. You would much rather please others by conferring to what they think. While this can be charming initially, it wears off quickly and can lead to accusation of you being insincere or superficial. Whether forming a close bond with friends, family or lovers, you draw your strength and sense of security from your relationships. Libra is a cardinal air sign, and the placement of the moon in this sign suggests you have a powerful need to act to restore balance. In everything you do, you aim to bring balance and harmony to your personal, professional and social life. An excellent communicator and listener, with an innate talent to understand someone else’s point of view, you are a natural peace-maker. Your air sign influence means you enjoy socializing and intellectual debates, and almost always win arguments. You are also kind and sympathetic towards those who are in trouble, and always willing to listen, even if you cannot be much practical help in a particular situation. In relationships you are charming, agreeable and committed. You have a strong desire for long-term partnerships, and can feel incomplete without someone to build a life with. Lunar Libras often have a desire to marry their partner, or at least live together, and are excellent at creating a warm and welcoming home environment. This pressure to formalize the relationship and establish a life together can lead you to move in or marry, when the time or person isn’t right. Make sure you take time to think hard about such important life decisions. Your love of tranquility and order can be so strong, that often in relationships you will be the one to concede or acquiesce during and argument or debate, if only to maintain the peaceful status quo. Understand that many individuals will try to take advantage of your friendly nature, if you let them. When the moon is in Libra, we see an innate love of harmony, structure, and sharing. You transmit this to others, having an almost relaxing effect on them. An outstanding mediator or negotiator, you can excel in any situation which requires you to have an understanding of the peacemaking process. Fair minded and equitable, you do not take side, and you will always seek a resolution that benefits everyone. Because of the way you put people at ease, you have a knack for bringing out the best in others, even in challenging circumstances. Learn to use your natural passion for diplomacy and intuitive understanding of problem-solving to bring people together, and you will go incredibly far. In particular, these are skills that you can use to great effect in your career, as well. Lunar Libras often make excellent counselors, lawyers, or psychologists. Anything that requires them to balance conflicting positions. They exemplify the idea of “gentle power,” and have an uncanny way of winning you over without you even noticing.


Capricorn Moon

As a Lunar Capricorn, you are calm, cool and collected. Your instinctive reaction is to control your emotional responses, keep your feelings under lock and key, and view things objectively. This allows you to tackle most of life’s challenges and setbacks with ease. No matter what stresses exist below the surface on in your personal life, to outsiders you come across as confident, steady and self-assured. However, this outward stability can mask deep pain and anxiety hidden within. Do no always repress these emotions, as this can lead to poor health and depression. Instead, let your guard down and allow yourself to rely on the support of others. Capricorn is a cardinal Earth Sign, which suggests you have a powerful desire to establish boundaries, set ambitious goals, and work diligently to achieve them. You are practical, responsible and committed. You respect authority and tradition, and tend to play by the rules. Always the planner, you try your best to save for the future, invest wisely, and provide for those you care about. You are exceptionally determined and stubborn, and will often force a path through even the toughest of circumstances. Lunar Capricorns rarely, if ever give up. Beneath your dry wit and sarcasm, is a surprising tenderness and sensitivity, that disarms and enchants people. In relationships you are reserved, reliable, and a natural provider. You place immense value on the tangible and the real, so you tend to enjoy creating a home with your loved one and filling it with material goods and furnishings. Even without financial resources, you have a way of creating a sense of security for those in your life. You have a huge, lovable heart, though you are slow to trust others. As Capricorn is the sign of organization and structure, the Moon in this sign indicates a desire to manage the world of emotions. This means romantic partners may see you as cold or calculating, especially if you are focusing your attention on work or raising children. Take time to let them know you still care and open up about how you feel. When the moon is in Capricorn, we often see a strong emotional attachment to being respected by others. You want to be viewed as capable and competent. You are also highly ambitious. It is vital that you be able to work methodically towards your goals. If you are left drifting or unsure of your direction, you will find yourself stressed, anxious or even unwell. Recognition from friends, family and colleagues is equally important for your emotional fulfillment and sense of purpose. The goal for Lunar Capricorns is to learn to share some of the responsibilities they place on their shoulders with others. Your self-sufficiency and pragmatism is a source of strength, but it can also be isolating and weigh on you emotionally and physically. The Moon represents our shadow side, our deeply ingrained behaviors. By showing others your vulnerabilities and sharing responsibilities, you will release toxic emotional patterns and unconscious fears. Focus on developing empathy, self-love, and openness to dissolve the walls you have put up to protect yourself, and find greater closeness with your loved ones.


Aquarius Moon

As a Lunar Aquarius, you are lighthearted, innovative, and otherworldly. Your instinctive emotional response is to observe and understand others, and maintain your own emotional coolness. You are a student of human nature, and love to know what makes people tick. Experimental and edgy, you seek out interesting friendships, new experiences, and unconventional lifestyles. Ruled by eclectic Uranus, you are radical and progressive, if not unusual. This Uniqueness can make you seem strange to some, but you embrace it and many people are highly attracted to your unusual and mystifying character. Aquarius is a fixed air sign and the placement of the moon in this sign suggests you are focused, eccentric, and forward-thinking. You may be drawn to the mystical and uncanny, but that does not mean you have your head stuck in the clouds or are affected by your emotions. In fact it is quite the opposite. With your emotions safely under control, you tend to spend time on pursuing your more esoteric interests. Lunar Aquarians are often the least emotional sign of the zodiac. Beneath your inscrutable mask, you deal with you feelings in a very logical, almost scientific way. This saves you from too much emotional heartache, but it does tend to give the unfortunate impression that you can be a little cold and detached. Nonetheless, you are a very kind-hearted soul, and definitely a humanitarian. In relationships, you are unconventional, adventurous, and mysterious. You love to try new things, in and out of the bedroom. Friends with benefits, casual relationships, or sexual experimentation, with Lunar Aquarians often everything is on the table. Explore any unconventional desires you have and you might be pleasantly surprised. Given this tendency for less intimate and more casual connections, and your detached vibe, it’s important that you remember to make sure your partner feels special. You can be a wonderful friend and lover because you encourage everyone to be themselves, and never hold any negative judgment about their own little quirks. Your moon sign reflects your emotional personality, so when the Moon is in Aquarius, we often see emotional independence, innovation and unpredictability. You walk to your own beat and do not like being told what to do. For some this manifests as intense stubbornness. But when given room to be yourself, you are extremely interesting to spend time with. Futuristic and inventive, you see the world like no other Moon sign, and because of this you are highly creative, with a signature style. The goal for Lunar Aquarians is to help propel the world towards a brighter, more interesting and equal future. Your originality and independent streak are some of your greatest assets, as long as they are channeled into positive projects, humanitarian goals, and your relationships. While your emotional detachment allows you to see things objectively and think outside the box, you must take care to remember to connect with those you care about, and explore your feelings. You are a cosmic pioneer, never forget that. 

Pisces Moon

When your Moon is in Pisces, you are among the most emotional of all personalities. Instinctive and intuitive, you are a creature of feelings and emotions. You are not really interested in the logical analysis of a situation all you care about is how it feels. This emotional strength is a great asset in many ways, and gives you unlimited compassion, empathy and sensitivity. However, it also means that you sometimes struggle to see your way through any emotional impasses. You feel everything so deeply that it seems at times as though your feelings overwhelm you, and you struggle to cope. People with the Moon in Pisces do have a tendency to use negative escapism such as drink and drugs, as a way of shutting out reality do be wary of this, as you have a strongly addictive personality. You cry very easily, both through sadness and happiness, and you are easily moved by the slightest of things. You can express this great depth of feeling through a beautiful creative streak, and you typically excel at writing poetry or playing music. If you have the Moon in Pisces, watch out for a tendency to tell little white lies. While you may be lying with the best of intentions, these lies soon escalate out of control. Be careful too not to allow others to take advantage of you. You are very willing to make sacrifices but sometimes a little too willing. Think of yourself, your well-being and your inner peace first.

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