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Welcome to our Sanctuary!

All of the spirits of the land are part of our beloved family...

All of the beings of the land: plants, animals, minerals and elementals are our family and we love them, cherish them, honor them and treat them with compassion. Therefore all 8 acres of our sanctuary is considered a sacred natural temple that is divinely protected for all of the beings that call this land home.  We encourage all of our guests to approach and experience the sanctuary with the same conscious, loving and mindful manner. Some of the beings are shy and prefer not to be seen while others are social allies and teachers for us humans. Allow us to introduce you to some of the spirits that have found us and have committed themselves to teaching us humans how to live in harmony with Mother Nature.

Our Animal Family & Teachers

Parker the Guardian

The Sanctuary Guardian

James "Poopie" Franco

The inquisitive and curious Teacher of play

"BIG TIME" Freddie Mercury

The Friendly Observer

Shellie The Mystical Snapping Turtle

Telepathic Communicator and Teacher of Earthly Wisdom

The Magnificent Bees

The Keepers of the Land

The Chickens 

The Ladies of the Land

The Peaceful Sheep

The Grounds Keepers

The Pygmy Goats 

The Adventurous ones

The "Wildlife" 

The Wild Ones with whom we share their home

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