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Working with the Moon

Introduction to Lunar ceremonies

Where you conduct your Lunar ceremonies is important but we also must be practical and do what is best for you. I personally prefer to hold all of my ceremonies outside  with the power of nature but sometimes in the freezing weather and the lack of outdoor space, peace and quiet and privacy in the city sometimes it simply makes more sense to prepare and perform your rituals inside.

Inside ceremonies

it is much easier to have your ceremonies inside because the space is climate controlled, it is private and there is access to anything you may need such as music, candles, supplies, etc. If you are doing a lunar ceremony to access the powers of the moon, try to find a spot where you can see the moon, if possible, but above all this needs to be a comfortable space where you feel at ease and at peace to perform your rituals. If you are conducting you ceremony during the day or do not have a view of the moon use a representation of the moon such as a picture or an item the represents the moon.  I personally wear my moon shirt every time I commune with the moon. Be creative with your moon representations it can be a pendant, pin, decoration, print out,  painting etc.  Also, keep in mind that privacy is a must, there should be no one else in the space unless they are directly participating in the ceremony. If you live in a house like me where there is simply no privacy you can also use the bathroom for piece of mind and privacy. Your best ceremonies are all based on your mindset and your ability to be clear. If you decide to do your ceremony inside be sure to clear the space, create sacred space and to thank the house and land spirits for the healing magick that is about to occur during your ceremony. (read about creating sacred space)

Outside Ceremonies

it is an enchanting experience to have a ceremony surrounded by Mother Nature but the same rules apply to having your ceremony outside as it is having it indoors.  You want to make sure you have privacy and that you feel safe and comfortable otherwise the stress will defeat the purpose.  So, if you have access to safely and comfortably having a private ceremony in nature this is the most optimal for your rituals especially if you can be surrounded by trees or a tree you have a special connection with. many cultures believe that trees have curative properties and can dispel negative energy from a person. This is why going for a walk in nature has such a calming effect on the body and the nervous system. If you perform your ceremony outside remember to take a moment to feel out the energies of the land and thank the land spirits for all the healing magick that will occur during your ceremony. It is also good measure to bring an offering for the land spirits to your sacred ceremony site.

Either way ceremonies both outdoors and indoors are just as effective.

Tree Magick 

Ash: peace, protection, prosperity, strength

Birch: new beginnings, healing of wounds and burns

Cedar: courage, longevity, wealth, self-esteem, purification

Coconut Palm: purity, honor, relaxation

Cypress: past life issues, comfort, protection, ease of loss

Elder: transformation and change, peaceful sleep, self-confidence

Elm: protection and meditation, stops slander and gossip

eucalyptus: healing, protection, moon affinity

Holly: magic and enchantment

lilac: activate chakras, healing back pain

Lime: divination, development, cleansing

Magnolia: fidelity, changes, relaxation and calmness

Maple: longevity, love, money

Myrtle: fertility, balance, youth, riches

Oak: increasing sexuality, luck strength

Pear: clarity, energy, confidence, reduction of stress

Pecan: career issues and job seeking, money discipline

Pine: prosperity, purification, health, exorcism

Plum: love and healing, self confidence

Poplar: astral projection, wisdom, mental healing, starting over

Walnut: depression, healing, heals infertility

Willow: wishes coming true, seductiveness, protection, healing illness

The magick of trees can be accessed at anytime not just for Lunar Ceremonies. Mother Nature and her healing tree spirits  are a wealth of healing and abundance for mind, body and spirit. Be sure to always hank the tree(s) for receiving their healing energies. 

Another important factor to consider for your lunar ceremonies wether you are in or outdoors is which direction to face. The direction in which you face is very important for your rituals because each direction offers a different energy. The power of the four directions or also referred to as the four great winds is often overlooked but offers us a useful and powerful reinforcement for our rituals.  by not incorporating the four directions or the four great winds, the flow of vital forces are far more gentle.  

North: corresponds with the earth element. Face North for health issues, healing of the body, spirituality, increasing or developing your intuition, using some type of divination, for transcending the physical and trying to communicate with someone telepathically, and in asking for guidance from whomever or whatever you call your higher power. This is the most power direction.

South: corresponds to the element  of fire.  Face south for love issues, relationships,  creative and artistic pursuits, anything romantic or emotional.

East: corresponds to the element of air. Face East for career issues, strength, clarity, new business opportunities, financial matters and any endeavor requiring extra energy, healing of the mind and new beginnings.

West: corresponds with the element of water.  Face West for letting go and moving on, increasing self-esteem, forgiving yourself or someone else, cleansing and, unconditional love.

Remember when doing you lunar ceremonies the moon's vibrations can permeate through rooftops, mountains, clouds, rain, snow, and even the apartment above you.

4 Easy Tips for Connecting with the Moon

Shadow Work Inspired by the Disseminating Moon

Shadow work is the personal unraveling and healing of hidden traumas in the conscious and unconscious. It is the sacred work of a courageous heart which is done not only for the self but also for the collective subconscious and ancestral matrix.


When we do inner healing work or personal development, we begin to discover aspects of ourselves we may not be entirely comfortable with such as traumas, behaviors traits, influences, patterns, limitations, fears and hidden aspects of ourselves. This is our shadow self, the parts of our self we hide away, often even from ourselves because they may be difficult or painful to acknowledge. The shadow can be defined as our unresolved inner conflicts, unexpressed or repressed emotions and the under-developed aspects of our character.


These neglected and often unconscious parts of being have more influence over our actions than we realize and may rule much of our behavior. Your shadow is the part of your psyche that contains everything which may have been repressed, forbidden or shamed. It is largely shaped by cultural conditioning and ancestral traumas. As well as the negative traits we carry such as envy or anger. The Shadow self isn’t all negative, we also have a “positive shadow”. This overflowing with potential and consists of latent talents and discouraged positive attributes such as creativity, claire-sensitivities, undiscovered talents, compassion, etc. especially if these were not valued in the environment we grew up in.


One of the first steps in working with the shadow is to identify and understand what triggers strong emotions in you, as we often project our shadow self onto other people. If you find yourself having a deeper emotional reaction or over reaction to someone else's opinion or choices, it may be triggering something an under-developed aspect of your shadow self. Once we have identified what aspects of our self are in need of healing, then we can use tools and techniques which awaken our deeper True Divine Self to bring light, healing and clarity to those aspects of our shadow self. The key is not to reject or even control our shadow self, but rather to embrace it and compassionately integrate it by bringing those darker aspects of your being back into the loving light that you are! The shadow bares powerful lessons and gifts which bring a deep level of soul growth. We all are born into this Earthly existence with a shadow self so we can learn and enjoy walking ourselves back home to light of unity consciousness.

The Moon and The Planets

As we have been studying the energy, wisdom, magick and medicine of the moon through the Lunar Club readings, Cosmic Library and our own personal experiences we already know that the moon is connected with our sacred inner being which is quite a different experience to the Sun which is connected to outward expression of ourselves. Below is a very brief description of the different 'planets' that dance along with the moon in our night sky and what essence, power, energy and medicine they each share with us and they conjunct with our beloved moon.

Sun (Your Public Persona)- The Sun Sign is the core of who you are and gives us the overall flavor to our outwardly personality. It determines our public expression in life and tells you how to align your ego with your true nature in order to maximize the potential of each and every day.


Mercury (Your Mental Abilities & Communication)- Mercury steers your mental agility and cognitive processes. mercury distinguishes a lightening fast mind from a more controlled thinker, and it also shows us our approach to education, learning and studying. It also teaches us how to make better decisions.


Venus (Love & Relationships)- Named for the roman Goddess of love and beauty, it’s no surprise that the planet Venus represents love. Venus helps you improve your relationships by illuminating what attracts you and what attracts others to you.


Mars (Relationships, Conflict & Protection)- The red planet, mars, has been synonymous with war since ancient times. It is the planet of anger and aggression and so much more. Red is also associated with love and passion, and understanding Mars can provide important insights into your sex drive and how you protect those you care about.


Jupiter (Growth, Ideals & Purpose)- Is a very positive planet and the planet of expansion. Jupiter tells us a lot about your ideology, your beliefs and you values, and also where you can make a difference in life, and where your true purpose might lie.


Saturn (Paradigms of Control & Life Lessons)- Saturn is known as the Great Teacher. Saturn forces us to overcome problems, and helps you become a stronger, more complete individual.


Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (Revolution, Transformation, BIG Changes) - These planets take many years to orbit the Sun. Therefore their influence last decades and they help shape the lives of entire generations. These planets reveal the foundation your entire purpose is built upon, and what you are destined to achieve. 

Once you're more familiar with the planets and the energy they carry we can begin to understand more fully the energies of our Lunar Phases when they combine with the various planets and zodiac constellations.

Crystals for a FULL MOON or NEW MOON Grid

Crystal grids can be used to add power to your intentions. To create one, you'll need a center crystal (preferably a point) and at least 6 smaller stones. You can also add flowers, shells or other natural objects.

Print out a grid (scroll down for a selection) and trace over the lines with a metallic pen or pencil.

Write your intention on a piece of paper, fold it, and place it in the centre of the the grid.

Say your intention aloud.

Arrange your stones on the grid - saving the centre crystal for last.

There is no right or wrong way to arrange the crystals, use your creativity - just try to stay focused on your intention throughout the process.


This beautiful and very feminine stone is perfect for the Full Moon when Goddess energy is so strong. Like the perfectly round Full Moon, the Moonstone is said to bring us back to wholeness, a process which we can aid and abet with our Full Moon forgiveness practice. Forgiving releases and the Moonstone soothes, smooths us out emotionally and enhances our intuition. It also promises success and good fortune in love and business.


Apophyllite is strongly associated with spiritual healing on a soul level which is exactly what we need at Full Moon when our emotions come to the surface for healing and releasing. If you’re feeling weighed down emotionally at Full Moon time, Apophyllite will help lift heavy feelings of anxiety and stress. It will help to dissolve blockages – exactly what we need to do at Full Moon when we release and move on. It also boosts the energy of all the other nearby crystals.


Named for the Moon Goddess Selena, this cooling stone, Selenite, brings peace, which is often sorely lacking at Full Moon time as we all emote! Selenite is super high vibration and will help you connect with your angels

– so call them in as you do your grid! It brings light and connects you to the higher planes as you do your Full Moon forgiveness, gratitude and surrender. It promotes purity and honesty.


A very healing stone for easing tensions and stress, even anger and rage! (And let's face it, Full Moon can be a heady time!) It calms the energy around you as you release and let go from the month that was, and release any grudges or upsets you have with anyone. It teach patience and encourages emotional expression, so that you can "talk it out" calmly, if need be.


Mostly used for healing, it exudes divine feminine energies and nurtures the mind body and spirit back to health. Full Moon time is the time to come back to completeness through releasing negativity which fractures. As well, like snow, it cools things down, which is what we need at Full Moon. It will calm down even the most fractured feelings, bringing healing on all levels.

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