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Yule: Winter Solstice

During the longest night of the year we let go of the past and welcome in the dawn of a new cycle. This ceremony is about releasing the past and birthing a path for a brighter future.

December 20, 2020  |  GREEN GARDENS HEALING, Philadelphia PA |  1-3PM

$35 Ceremonial seat

During the Winter Solstice we celebrate the return of the light as this is the longest night of the year after which returns the light as the nights begin to get shorter and shorter and the days get longer and longer.This is a time to support one another, feed one another, share resources, and to set the stage for what we want to see within ourselves, our communities and the world in which we share. How do I want to contribute to this change?  What do i owe life? What is my 'give & take' with life? Have I fully taken (accepted) life? And if so, how do I give back and celebrate life? 

These are some of the topics we will be working with during this festive and soulful celebration. this will be an arts and crafts celebration and ceremony.

Included with the Ancient Wisdom Ritual Club (Ancient Wisdom Ritual Club begins Spring 2021)

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