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Is the moon a space craft? Where did the moon Come from? Do intelligent beings live on the moon? Why does the moon have so many craters? Why are these massive craters so shallow? Why does the moon only show us one side? Why is the moon so perfectly round when other moons are not? Does the moon hold any secrets for life on planet Earth?

This is where we dive into the mysterious myths of the moon. Some of these mysteries are provable facts while others have only captured our attention and perhaps yours too! Check back frequently for fun new findings about our celestial neighbor!

The Moon a Reflection of Earth?

Turtle Moon Magick

All Turtle species have the Lunar calendar encoded in their DNA.  Their shell tells the story of time on our Earth plane.  With 28 small plates that form a ring around its shell representing the 28 days in each lunar cycle and 13 larger plates within the ring representing the 13 lunation cycles each year.

It is no surprise that turtles have the lunar cycles written on their back because Sea Turtles wait for the bright light and high tides of the full moon to lay their eggs.  Because their vision and limbs are made for the water they use the high tides and bright light of the Full Moon at pedigree (closest point to Earth) to guide them and help them safely lay their eggs under the cloak of night but still enough light for the turtle to find the perfect spot for laying her precious eggs. 

The high tides of the full moon draw the water to its furthest reach on land shortening the land bound journey of the turtles and the shimmering reflection over the dancing ocean acts as a guiding light for Mother Turtles and her hatchlings. Therefore, turtles instinctively wait for the Full Moon to hatch from their eggs to brave their perilous trek into the deep expansive dark waters of our magnificent and mysterious oceans. Turtles are just one of many marine life that life by the rhythms and cycles of the moon.

Does the Moon emit its own Light??? Decide for yourself!!

Is the Moon a Plasma Reflection of the Earth?

The Legend of Grandmother Moon

Many Ancient Wisdom Traditions all around the world recognize the moon as Grandmother Moon, the sun as Grandfather Sun, the Earth as Mother Earth and the Sky and Father Sky. Grandmother Moon is believed to be one of the first 3 spirits placed by the Great Spirit to watch over the children of Earth. Grandmother Moon not only watches over Earth with her loving light she also helps us weave our dreams and visions to life. You can ask her to bring the dreams to you or to help you understand the meaning of the symbols in your visions. Many Native American traditions have Grandmother Moon as the leader of feminine life. Her teachings involve the intuitive and introspective realms of our life. She is a very wise and intuitive leader that teaches us to go within to find all the keys we need to unlock our divine destiny. She regulates the tides of our great oceans allowing life to prosper on this planet and so she is in touch with all the rhythms and cycles of life on this Earth. At the Full Moon is when the messages and guidance of Grandmother Moon are the strongest. It is said she uses the influence of water and creatures of the night such as the wolf and the owl to speak to us.


Legend states, in weaving the cycles of the great tides on Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon allowed life to have emerged from the aquatic waters of Mother Earth. She talked to the spirit of Dolphin and she told Dolphin to learn her rhythms and to open his feminine side to her soft silvery light. Thus the Dolphin began to swim to these new rhythms and learned a new way to breath and so Dolphin is the keeper of the Sacred Breath of Life and teaches us how to use our life-energy through breathing to revitalize ourselves.


Grandmother Moon is a cosmic guardian of life on Earth, a visionary and intuitive teacher and healer and, a whispering weaver of the cycles of life that transcends all the dimensions of life as we know it from astral plains our dreams to the deepest depths of our emotional oceans--Grandmother Moon created a rhythm to life that we should listen to. 

Tidal Lock Orbit & Other Mysterious Moon Phenomena

The Moon is certainly one of the most enigmatic and magical celestial bodies in our solar system--it is also the largest planet moon in our solar system.  The moon is about one quarter the size of planet Earth and has an unnatural orbit around our planet.  It is called a tidal lock orbit which means the same side of the moon is always facing planet Earth. But what does that does that really mean... it means we have never been able to actually see the other side of the moon which, makes it very easy for an extra terrestrial race to build, cities, space stations and travel through our solar system and beyond without us Earthlings ever even noticing. Another odd fact about the moon is that from its precise positioning, the sun and the moon appears to be the same exact size.  That is because the moon is 1/400th the size of the sun and is exactly 1/400th the distance away from the sun.  This becomes visible during solar eclipses when we see the moon perfectly blocking the entire circumference sun--no more no less.  And the mystery gets even more interesting because in order for life to exist here on planet earth there needs to be a gravitational stabilizer to prevent the Earth from rocking back and forth on its axis or we would have severe storms, severe wind, and the tides of the ocean would rise and engulf much of the continents. This would make the Earth nearly inhospitable and the Moon not only balances out the Earth's rotational orbit but also balances out our weather and oceanic tides. I also want to mention that it would be absolutely impossible for the Earth to 'capture' an object the size of the moon into its gravitational field which begs the question, how did the moon arrive to planet Earth and where did it come from?  In fact, many ancient native spoken traditions across the Americas, Africa and Australia tell their story of a time on planet Earth before the arrival of the moon and one day the moon just appeared in the sky. To this day scientist still can not determine how the largest planetary moon arrived to planet Earth.

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