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A sacred space is a place where you feel physically, emotionally and spiritually safe. It is an energetically clear area, where you can perform rituals, meditate, journal or simply be still.

Traditionally an altar is a dedicated sacred space in your home or garden that is decorated with objects which are sacred to you. Your altar should be a peaceful area, which reminds you of your intentions whenever you look at it. You can set up a temporary altar if you wish to perform a ritual away from your home.

You can also create a temporary sacred space by using an invocation and/or setting a ceremonial sacred space.


⟠ Cleanse the area with sage, palo santo, incense, moon water, or liquid smudge

⟠ Use a compass, and mark the outline of the circle with stones or salt.

⟠ Put markers in the 4 cardinal directions that correspond to the 4 elements:

↠ North - Earth: stone or plant

↠ East - Air: feather or incense

↠ South - Fire: candle or ash

↠ West - Water: bowl of water or seashell

⟠ Stand in the center and turn around clockwise starting at the North. Keep your finger outstretched and point it at the outline of the circle as you turn, visualizing a protective circle of energy being formed around you.

⟠ When you are finished your ritual, repeat but turn anti-clockwise, visualizing the circle of energy being absorbed back into you.

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