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Shellie The Mystical Snapping Turtle: Shellandra

Shellie the mystical snapping turtle also known as Shellandra came to us in the most mysterious of ways.  One beautiful sunny day, May 30th, 2020 to be exact, we were on our way to the dog park with Parker in Fitler Square, Philadelphia, One of our favorite activities to do on our days off while we were living in center city. Brad and I were feeling the effects of the enormous global shift happening at the time and decided to find a soft grassy place to sit, connect with Mother Earth and, have a serious heart-to-heart about how to process all of the dramatic energetic changes and current events happening at the time.  Once we regained a more balanced perspective and found a grounded space within ourselves and our partnership we decided to greet the great Schuylkill river and hold a private little healing ritual, After our short ceremony we gave the Schuylkill an offering of gratitude as she has guided us through many life experiences and Lunar ceremonies.  On our way back to the dog park crossing the busy Schuylkill River trail, ascending over the massive pedestrian overpass which towers over multiple active cargo train tracks and, descending back into Filter Square Park we noticed someone really interested in something on the ground.  We paused with curiosity and decided to wait to discover what was keeping his attention.  Once he walked away we closed in on what he was fiddling with and found this tiny little creature: dry, crusty and practically unresponsive.  It was clear that it was a turtle but we didn't know what kind and it had looked like she had gotten herself into some clay or wet concrete.  She was clearly exhausted, over heated and barely alive.  So we placed her into a safe place under some bushes hoping she can get some rest and regain some strength, in what we thought was her natural habitat. After Parker enjoyed his play time with his furry friends we decided to circle back and check on the delicate little creature we had just stumbled upon.  She was in the same spot but this time we found her on her back.  At this point it was clear to us that this little being needed our help if she was going to live any longer.  So we scooped her up and I carried her home in my hands for the 20 minute walk back to our house.  The entire time I was holding her she didn't move a single bit and, we weren't even sure if she was still alive!  I kept giving her loving and healing energy through the palms of my hands and reassuring her out loud that she is in loving hands and everything is going to be okay.  Two blocks from our house she magically regained consciousness. Traumatized and scared she tried her hardest to escape my hands but we were determined to make sure this tough little turtle was not only going to survive but we wanted to make she she was going to thrive and, that was the day that Shellie came into our lives.  thank god we saved her because turtles embody a very ancient consciousness.  Being one of the first reptiles to walk on this planet, having 365 different species still thriving on every continent around the world and,  having the ability to live both in water and on land means these animals really know a thing or two about living.  Which is no surprise once you discover these ancient creatures can live 100-400 years old, embodying an astonishing amount of Earthy consciousness 

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