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New Year Oracle Reading

Receive divine guidance for this NEW YEAR with a personal mini oracle reading 


It's clearly felt, we are all relieved to say good bye to 2020 and begin anew with a fresh perspective for 2021. This past year has taught us many important lessons. The most pivotal, we are all one global community united in the name of love, compassion and well-being. With this new perspective we can give birth to our new identity--our cosmic identity. What does it mean to be human on planet Earth? What is our divine purpose and destiny? What do we represent as a planetary collective? And how are we going to show up in the future now moments that stand before us... We are ALL powerful divine creators that collectively manifest the world we live in. And, so with this new beginning upon us it is time to start designing the new you, your new life and our new world. Let's find out what is in store for you!

ONLY $36

(The Month of January only)

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