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Lunar Club Q&A and Shared Experiences

Lunar Club Experiences: February 27th, 2021 Snow Moon in Virgo

I have been able to release a lot of useless worry energy with full moon, I have felt so much more space for joyful experiences and pursuits.

Article about this topic to be posted SOON in the:

 Mysteries of the Moon Files

either this full moon was more powerful than previous cycles or my connection to the moon is getting stronger. i found this snow moon 2021 to be powerful, liberating, fulfilling, freeing, focused, releasing, & overall EXTRA-wonderfully magical.

I perform my rituals each moon cycle then slide into a trance like meditation. during this particular full moon mediation, I found myself pondering....or "knowing", that the soul essence of grandmother moon contains the sum of souls that have graduated from PREVIOUS earth-like EXPERIENCES. ADDITIONALLY, I FELT THAT ONCE WE "GRADUATE" THIS EXPERIENCE, WE TOO CAN JOIN THE "MOON CLUB" TO WATCH AND/OR ASSIST CURRENT STUDENTS LEARNING ON EARTH. WHICH LED ME TO WONDER, ARE PEOPLE LIKE BRYAN GRADUATED LUNAR VISITORS TO HELP US CURRENT STUDENTS CLIMIB UP THE LADDER OF THIS "SCHOOL"? 

Lunar Club Experiences: February 11th, 2021 New Moon in Aquarius

"I decided, or was guided to do so, or both, to have a sacred space in place for which I could stand inside as the New Moon went live at 2:05PM EST allowing me 60 seconds to announce my New Moon Wishes aloud before the goddess went Void-of-Course at 2:06.

I created a Ceremonial Sacred Space as my Lunar Guide Bryan suggested in the New Moon Wishing Ritual section. I placed an Aloe plant and a large mountain stone in the North; 2 large feathers in the East; a burning candle & ash in the south; and a bowl of water & a seashell in the west. I then completed my Sacred Circle by putting pieces of sea salt & small stones filling the open space connecting the 4 directions thus completing the Lunar Circle.

After saging the circle I grounded myself then vocalized an Invocation aloud to the Universe. At exactly 2:05 I stepped into the circle announcing my 10 New Moon Aquarius backed Wishes aloud keeping in mind I had 60 seconds to send my wishes to Luna hoping she would catch them before she drifted into the oncoming void in her path.

I then announced aloud 3 times, “I surrender to the Devine Mother” 3 times before thanking the moon and the universe for answering my call.

I completed my ceremony by placing my New Moon wishes, again color coded as I did the previous New Moon, in the center of a New Moon inspired Crystal Grid I had created prior to grounding myself in preparation for entry into the Ceremonial Sacred Space.

The Power & Magic I felt throughout this ritual, both spiritual & physical, was inconceivably vast, aka…COSMIC!

I should share with those viewing my experience that my New Moon Wishes are on a Reaching For The Stars level!!

I can attest with conviction that Luna is listening!!!" 

Lunar Club Experiences: January 28th, 2021 Wolf Moon in Leo

"I expressed my gratitude to Luna & the universe for listening to me, protecting me, guiding me, nourishing me, & inspiring me.

I also expressed verbal gratitude aloud for this space you have created Bryan. This club is truly beneficial and rewarding as i journey along with your guidance.

I started off rather agitated for reasons I couldn't explain when preparing to meditate under this full moon. the agitation subsided rather quickly once I anchored myself via the tripod grounding method.. the trance-like meditation that ensued was among the most powerful I have experienced. The rituals I then performed were comfortably intense—a very powerful experience indeed.

I found it very powerful to know what energies and opportunities were available during this full moon As suggested, I am leaving the crystal grid I created in place until the upcoming new moon." 

Lunar Club Experiences: January 13th, 2021 New Moon in Capricorn

"Today, the Lunar Club Workbook found a loving home. It is held by grandfathers, and it is garnished with a tarot deck - my favorite one. As I worked with it the cards that showed up were the half moon and the black cat. Lovely, isn't it? I started with some coloring and working with the table you provided that has a day-by-day calendar. This way, each day, I can touch base with the moon as part of my setting space in me and around me, and it has room for notes as well. Such beauty you provided here. In my humble opinion one of your tag lines ought to be "Beauty EveryWhere" Thank you for the opportunity to form a much closer relationship with the Great One we call Moon."​

"I wrote out all 10 new moon wishes in different colored pencils as suggested. i went further in selecting each color for each wish based on amy cesari's color magic page picking appropriate colors for each wish. for example, she lists green for abundance; red for power & passion; purple for spirituality, therefore any wish on a spiritual level i picked something in a shade of purple."


"I set my list of wishes on a circular crystal grid before and after wishing them aloud to the moon/universe. In the center of the grid i placed moon crystals surrounding a rose quartz ball for harmony. I felt the magick of this ritual in the days that have followed, yes indeed!"

Lunar Club Experiences: December 29th, 2020  The Cold Full Moon in Cancer

{I am Grateful for...} 

"Opening a space to experience moon energy to help me:

 1.forgive my past mistakes 

2. deepen my gratitude for my own health and well being 

3. deepen my gratitude for the supportive family and friends in my life. 

I felt a release, relaxation in my body and sense of peace and joy as i focused on gratitude."

"The aspect of looking at agreements made and investments made as part of the agreement was one that I pursued. And while complete forgiveness was not on the horizon, it opened doors and a pathway to move towards this place. I am also very moved by the support received during this time from the Ancestors, to which I give daily, and who give to me daily. Yet the questions of debts, shame, atonement were adjusted to a greater comfort for all, and with that a lightening has appeared for all of us. Thank you, Dear Moon, for this life affirming and ease provoking invitation."

"the forgiveness ritual was powerful. once my pen hit the paper i discovered there was more i was ready to release through acts of forgiveness than i thought of prior to beginning. burning the paper i had written on under the light of the full moon was also very powerful and freeing."

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